About our PTO

Idlewild Elementary PTO Mission Statement

  • Provide physical, financial, emotional, and educational support to the students, administration, and teachers.
  • Promote school pride, inform parents, and encourage school participation.
  • Unite parents and staff into one cohesive group.
  • Promote communication among parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure that school needs and priorities- from a parent’s point of view are being addressed.
  • Promote a positive image of Idlewild Elementary School, both at the school and within the community.
  • Promote awareness and appreciation of the school’s diverse population among parents, teachers, students, administrators and the community.

Idlewild PTO Board Members for School Year 2015-2016

President: Jenni Brooks

Vice President: Candice McColgan

Secretary:  Brenda Whaley

Treasurer: Tara Burton

Social Media Administrator: Rachael Geiser

Bonus Bucks Coordinator: Erica Bradford

Past President: Angela Taylor

Faculty Representatives: Mr. Allen Moody & Ms. Joanna Byrnes

Idlewild PTO Board Duties

PRESIDENT – The President of the PTO shall preside at all meetings of the organization. He/she shall help coordinate all committees of the PTO. The president shall also perform all other duties as may, from time-to-time, be incidental to said office. The president shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except nominating.

VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President shall assist the president as he/she may request. Upon the office of President being temporarily vacant, the Vice President shall act as president. The Vice President must preside over PTO meetings in the case of the president’s absence. The Vice President shall act as the Chairman of the Program Committee. The Program chairman must work within the budget of the PTO’s guidelines. The Vice President shall also perform other such duties as assigned to him/her by the organization.

SECRETARY – The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the organization and shall present them at the next consecutive meeting for approval. The secretary must compile files of any corrections or additions to the minutes. He/she must keep an accurate record of all PTO meetings.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADMINISTRATOR – The Social Media Administrator shall manage our social network sites including Facebook and Twitter. The Social Media Administrator shall moniter,analyze, and review the effectiveness of PTO campaigns and work alongside the PTO President for website content.

BONUS BUCKS COORDINATOR – The Bonus Bucks Coordinator shall maintain and organize all label programs, promote the program to parents, collect labels for mailing and work with the Social Media Administrator for website content.

PAST PRESIDENT – The immediate past president shall serve on the board and may vote.

FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE – Faculty representatives are elected by the faculty in the month of May for the next school year. One teacher may be elected from K-2, one from grades 3-5, and one from support teachers totaling 3 teachers.

TREASURER – The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the organization. The treasurer shall keep all receipts and expenditures as well as accurate records of these monies in books owned by the PTO. He/she shall deposit all monies in the name of the organization in such depositories as designated by the organization. In addition, the treasurer will disburse the funds of the organization as ordered by the board of directors, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements, and will render to the president and board of directors at regular meetings or whenever required, an account of the transactions and of the financial condition of the organization. The books may be audited by 3 members in April. All checks must be signed by two people; the treasurer and either the president, or vice president.




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