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Idlewild Elementary Quick Facts


Meet the Principal for new parents is happening Saturday, August 1st, 10 AM – noon in the gym.  Kids are welcome and light refreshments will be on-hand ’til we run out. Drop in when you can; this event is casual. 

 Bell Times – 8:00 Entry Bell  8:15 a.m. Tardy Bell  3:15 p.m. Dismissal Bell
Now, for the info you’ve been waiting for:
1. Online registration has begun!  Please upload your proof of residence documents before hitting ‘submit.’  In person registration is scheduled for August 4th and is also the date you can sign up for Aftercare and the PTO.

2. Where can I find 2015-2016 supply lists? supply lists are available on the Idlewild school website, our facebook page and here on the the PTO website.

3. Are there any orientation activities for new families? Yes, our annual Kindergarten and first grade “Popsicle Party” will be held on Saturday, August 8, 2015 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

4. What is “staggered entry” for kindergarten? Kindergartners will only attend one day of the first week of school. KK teachers will call parents to inform them of their child’s assigned day.

5. When will class assignments be posted? All class assignments will be posted prior to the first day of school outdoors on campus so you can learn your student’s homeroom teacher.

6. When will campus open each morning? Students will be able to enter the building at 8:00 a.m. (tardy bell rings at 8:15 a.m.!). Students arriving after 8:15 a.m. must be accompanied by a parent to the attendance office for check-in. The Elementary Bookstore will be open from 8:00-8:15 a.m. each morning.

7. What about inclement weather or emergency announcements? In the event of a district-wide school closure due to weather, you will receive an automated information call (local media also post district-wide closure info). If any emergency were to occur on our campus, you would receive a call from our main office.

8. Want to make drop-off and pick-up easier? If possible, walk your children to school. If you can’t walk the whole way, park a block or two away and walk — it really is faster! When dropping off, pull all the way forward in the drop off zone. Please, DO NOT STOP and let your children out in the middle of the street.

9. What time will breakfast be served? 7:45-8:05 a.m. (Students must be in the cafeteria by 8:05 in order to take advantage of breakfast.) Breakfast is free for all students.

10. What does my child need to bring for lunch?  
*All SCS students will automatically receive ONE free breakfast and ONE free lunch every day as part of the Community Eligibility Program. As a result, families do not need to complete a meal application.
*SCS will no longer accept cash or checks in the cafeteria.
*Students MUST pay for individual items (such as snacks, treats and additional lunches). Parents must pre-pay for these purchases online by credit card, debit card or check at To pre-pay, you must know your student’s ID number, which can be found on a report card, student schedule, student ID card, transcript, or from the school office or cafeteria.
*Each student will then be assigned a code to present in the lunch line each day.
*Please join your student for lunch anytime! Just remember to check in at the main office first.

12. When will my student be dismissed each afternoon? 3:15 all grades. Dismissal time applies to all students (day care bus riders, day care participants, walkers, car riders, etc.). All students will be dismissed at designated areas by teachers (no pick-ups at classrooms).  All students must be picked up and/or off campus by 3:30 each day unless enrolled in after-care or an authorized after-school activity. IMPORTANT: After 3:30, students will be placed in our after-care program at a charge of $10.00 up to 30 minutes.

13. What about early check-out? Please, no check-outs after 2:30 p.m. All check-outs will be handled in the office. Early checkouts count the same as tardies toward yearly attendance rates.

14. Are before- and after-care services offered on campus? Yes. The program is and available for all students. Location: Gym
*Before Care runs 6:30 – 8:15 a.m. Cost is $25.00/week if you ONLY need Before Care. Students go to cafeteria for breakfast.
*After Care runs 3:15- 6:00 p.m. Cost is $40.00/week. Before Care is provided free for all After Care registrants. A free pre-supper meal is served. After Care activities include: homework tutorials, school project assistance, specialized training such as computer skills and periodic fieldtrips. Please contact Ms. Terrell at or 485-1942 for more information.

15. What is the uniform policy? 

  • Colors for top: White and Navy – Idlewild logo shirts in navy, white, gray and black may be worn if they are purchased at Idlewild Elementary.Acceptable styles include: Polo or golf-style shirts, Oxford, button-down shirts, turtle necks and blouses with Peter Pan collars. T shirts worn underneath shirts must be solid white – no colors or logos. Shirts should be tucked in with a belt.
  • Colors for Bottoms: Tan, navy or black –Acceptable styles include: shorts, pants, skirts, jumpers or dresses. Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be knee-length. Denim is not allowed to be worn as part of the school uniform.
  • Outer Wear: Cardigans, sweaters, light jackets or vests may be worn; however, they must be SOLID black, gray or navy and free of any logos or designs. Idlewild hoodies in black, gray, and navy are allowed when purchased through Idlewild. Heavy coats may not be worn during the school day.
  • Shoes: Tennis shoes, loafers, shoes with a back strap (no higher than an inch and a half). Shoes will rollers/wheels are prohibited.

16. Will there be an open house once school begins? Yes, Tuesday September 15, 2015, 6 p.m.  You’ll get to hear messages from administrators, counselors, PTO and more; and meet your child’s teacher(s). In addition, watch for award ceremonies, typically held the Friday after report cards are issued.

17. What about parent/teacher conferences or meetings with administrators? The district builds in parent/teacher conference days throughout the school year. Your child’s teacher will provide details on appointment times. Teachers are available for appointments at other times as well, but please schedule these meetings rather than try to catch the teacher at an unscheduled time or during class time. If you have a concern, always meet with your child’s teacher first. Following that initial step, counselors and administrators are available to meet by appointment. Ask the front office assistants to help you schedule a time to meet with one of our teachers, counselor or principal.

18. How are behavioral concerns handled? Behavioral concerns are handled by the teacher and parent first. If additional intervention is necessary, progressive discipline is followed per SCS board policy.

19. How can I volunteer on campus? We welcome, encourage and appreciate any and all types of volunteer services.  All volunteers must complete an on-line volunteer application. We will publish the link as soon as it is available. Ms. Rodda is also available to assist with this process.

20. What’s the best way for families to stay informed? 

*Monthly school calendar of activities will be sent home and posted on our school website.  Also please subscribe to receive emails here on the homepage and visit our facebook page!

*Watch our school marquee on Linden Avenue.

*Idlewild website: & our PTO website:

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